We are one of the premier business centers, has been providing exceptional services for 15 years from its prime location in Dubai. Its comprehensive offerings include office space, complete business setup assistance, trade license acquisition, and document clearing within the vibrant city of Dubai.

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A business entity registered under the Emirates government and its authorities is a mainland company. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the responsible government entity for issuing all licenses for business in the mainland of Dubai. For most business activities, foreign investors can now choose between having a local sponsor with 51% ownership or holding 100% of the shares directly. However, some strategic sectors like oil and gas, telecommunications, and utilities still require local partnership. To determine the specific requirements for your desired business activity, you can explore the DED's list of eligible activities for 100% foreign ownership on the IID Portal.

Free zone company registration Dubai is a highly lucrative investment option as a foreigner can have whole ownership of their business in any of the Dubai free zones. There is no need for nominating local sponsor or a service agent. Free zones in Dubai are the most coveted options for international business operations. They appeal to foreign direct investment due to their policies that spawn employment while supporting economic reforms.

Many businesses prefer to set up an offshore company, also known as the non-resident company, in Dubai, as the income obtained from a holding company (offshore company) is not taxable. A full ownership is granted to an expat in offshore Dubai only if they have a business outside the UAE. Inside the UAE, these companies can hold shares or other offshore companies or free zone companies. This registration is perfect for those companies who wish to dabble in international trading but also need access to the local bank accounts. These companies also get the ability to own real estate inside the United Arab Emirates.

In UAE when setting up a new business it’s obligatory to have a local sponsor involved. A trading company must have legal documents to show that a UAE national is a shareholder. A local sponsor is a UAE national/Emirati who acts as a service representative of your business when you set up a locally licensed company in the UAE. We will assist you to source a reliable UAE nominee to act as your local sponsor with direct linkage and knowledge of governmental procedures in the UAE. We have a stringent procedure to assess the suitability of nationals as local partners. We only recommend credible individuals with well-established track record of irrefutable commitment to support the businesses of our expat clients. If you are considering sponsorship for your new business or are not satisfied with your current sponsor, we can advise you how to navigate the maze.

The entire cycle of processes and paperwork in UAE require an expert skill. We provide an extensive specialist PRO support individual who is expert to deal with various tasks in a timely and professional manner, with utmost commitment and excellence to all proceedings in line. We will take up all the burden of running errands across the government departments, Ministries and Admin heads with regard to formal proceedings and allow you to utilize your time for other important works.

✔ Licensing, renewals & amendments.
✔ Typing, translation and attestation Services.
✔ Visa Processing- Employment, Tourist GDFRA and AOL online applications.
✔ Medical tests, EID, Insurance processing coverage and Immigration clearances.
✔ Authorizations from UAE Chamber of Commerce, Foreign Affairs and Ministries.

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